Hifi - how to break a heart

Here's the hardest part for me (lolz), choosing the best skin for my speaker's enclosure. It would only lead with two options, to apply a sheet of vinyl wallpaper or do a paint job. I prefer a wooden finish so I chose the wooden vinyl skin.

To further improve the sound quality of the AP200, HIDIZS specifically custom-made a 24K gold-plated shield for each ES9118C DAC chip. This means that each DAC chip operates within a fully shielded environment, eliminating interference from surrounding signals, which gives a cleaner music sound without any noise and signal interference. 

Because we want to maximise your experience, visits are by appointment, we invite you to phone to book a time prior to visiting so we can offer you relaxed, uninterrupted time-out and give you our undivided attention to browse or audition at your own pace without others walking in on your space.  If you arrive without an appointment, I could be already tied up with a demo or away with a client, but you are welcome to check to see if I am free, its about offering our clients a unique, personal experience. 

My studio is dotted with some classic microphones. The Shure "Elvis" mic , an old Calrad mic that looks like a cold capsule, and more. I've been lucky to have most of my treasures while thrifting or hitting garage sales, because genuinely vintage mics often come at a price.

Not only are many old mics cool to look at, but they offer a signature sound that's hard to get any other way. Then again, some don't actually sound all that great after all these years, but a handsome mic will always find a home on someone's shelf.

Pyle is an audio gear company known for budget friendly microphones, cables, speakers, and the like. The product that caught my eye is their Retro Dynamic Vocal Microphone. Instead of yet another workaday looking microphone, the Pyle PDMICR40 takes a style cue from classic Shure microphones & other 50s mics.

Plugging and unplugging components is always a risk – partially connected components can result in lowered level, intermittent signal or no signal at all, of course. In this case, it was only having changed over to the Tellurium Q that  whatever error I had made when hooking up my usual cable became apparent, as with the new cable in place, it was as if a leaden, muddied bass and diffuse, grainy, ‘obvious’  treble quality had been removed. I know that not to be my usual cable’s presentation, so reluctantly, I spent half an hour dutifully checking the connection integrity of all 16 connectors on my speaker cable set, before cleaning all the plugs and wiring it back in circuit in order to dial myself in again, listening to a handful of familiar tracks.

Tricks, Tips & Tweaks Some Hi Fi tweaks to improve sound quality & disregard myths. A few hints for those of you who would like to get the best out of your A/V system ...

The Duo Mezzo is taking centrestage at our showroom. Call our consultants to arrange an audition before you bring it home.

Taking advantage of the unrivalled performance of the horn principle by consequentially extending it to the lower octaves, the new Duo Mezzo XD introduces full-range horn performance to the Duo product line. An utterly thrilling way to experience the magic of the ultimate spherical and full–range horn principle. The design conveys the speaker’s enormous potential.

The appearance of these systems suggest the sheer potency that is concealed beneath, expressed in the taut lines and naturally sculpted slope of the bass horn flare.

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HIFI - How To Break A HeartHIFI - How To Break A HeartHIFI - How To Break A HeartHIFI - How To Break A Heart